Star Citizen Issue Council Search Tool

This tool will download a local copy of the Star Citizen issue council database and provides responsive fuzzy search capabilities.

To avoid placing excessive load on CIG's servers the tool will connect to an intermediate caching service.

This tool is not endorsed by Cloud Imperium Games and all issue council data remains the property of Roberts Space Industries Corp.

I would like to thank CIG for granting permission to run this service and those members of the community that helped to test beta versions of this application

Installation (Version 1.15)

Download the zip file below and extract to a location of your choosing. Then run SCIssueCouncil.exe

This application requires access to IP and TCP ports 15005 and 15006.

If you are updating from a previous version you can simply copy the new files over the top of the existing installation to avoid redownloading the issue council data.

Download Issue Council Search Tool

For contact information please view the Help > About dialog in the tool.

In the unlikely event you've enjoyed this tool but don't have a Star Citizen account then you can sign up at the Star Citizen Website. If you use referral code STAR-RXM3-HSY9 you get 5000 extra UEC (in-game currency) and I may at some point get a bonus if you buy a package. Thanks!


Star Citizen Issue Council Search Tool Screenshot

Version History

Version 1.6 - 29th June 2018

Version 1.7 - 30th June 2018

Version 1.8 - 1st July 2018

Version 1.9 - 1st July 2018

Version 1.10 - 1st July 2018

Version 1.11 - 1st July 2018

Version 1.12 - 6th July 2018

Version 1.13 - 15th September 2018

Version 1.14 - 12th April 2019

Version 1.15 - 15th December 2019

Copyright Nick Thompson (Mithious).

Privacy Policy & GDPR

The server logs the following information each time a request is made to connect, load issues, etc:

This information is used to maintain the quality of the service and investigate & prevent misuse. It will not be transmitted to any third party unless required to prevent misuse of the service. All communication between client and server is securely encrypted (communication with this website is not encrypted, if you are concerned about the integrity of the download please contact me on Spectrum (Mithious) and I can provide a CRC for you to verify).

Under GDPR you are entitled to request a copy of any personal data held on you, along with data erasure. Because we do not support any form of authentication we are only able to comply with a data portability request if you are able to prove ownership of an IP address between two dates. We erase logs after approximately 6 months, if you want to erase logs newer than this contact us with the IP address you wish to have erased and we will consider your request.